1.Everybody doesn't have to love me.

Not everybody has to love me or even like me.I don't necessarily like everybody I know, so why should everybody else like me ? I enjoy being liked and being loved, but if somebody doesn't like me, I will still be okay and still feel like I am an okay person. I cannot make somebody like me, any more than someone can get me to like them.I don't need approval all the time.If someone does not approve me, I will still be okay.

2.It is okay to make mistakes.

Making mistakes is something we all do, and I am still a fine and worthwhile person when I make them. There is no reason for me to get upset when I make a mistake.I am trying, and if I make a mistake, I going to continue trying.I can handle making a mistake.It is okay for others to make mistakes, too.

3.Other people are okay and I am okay.

People who do things that I don't like are not necessarily bad people.They should not necessarily be punished just because I don't like what they do or did. There is no reason why other people should be the way I want them to be, and there is no reason why I should be the way somebody else wants me to be.People will be whatever they want to be, and I will be whatever I want to be. I cannot control other people or change tem.They are who they are; we all deserve basic respect.

4.I don't have to control things.

I will survive if things are different than what I want them ti be. I can accept things the way they are, accept people the way they are, and accept myself the way I am. There is no reason to get upset if I can't change things to fit my idea of how the ought to be. There is no reason why I should have to like everything. Even if I don't like it, I can live with it.

5.I am responsible for my day.

I am responsible for how I feel and what I do. Nobody can make me feel anything. If I have a rotten day, I am the one who allowed it to be that way.If I have a great day, I am the one who deserves credit for being possitive. It is not the responsibility of other people to change so that I can feel better.I am the one who is in charge of my life.

6.I can handle it when things go wrong.

I don't need to watch out for things to go wrong.Things usually go just fine, and when they don't I can handle it. I don't have to waste my energy worrying.The sky wont fall in' things will be okay.

7.It is important to try.

I can.Even thogh I may be faced with difficult tasks, it is better to try than to avoid them. Avoiding a task does not give me any opportunities for success or joy, but trying does. Things worth having are worth the effort.I might not be able to do everthing, but I can do something.

8.I am capable.

I don't need someone else to take care of my problems.I am capable.I can take care of myself. I can make decisions for myself. I can think for myself. I don't have to depend on somebody else to take care of me.

9.I can change.

I don't have to be a certain way because of what has happened in the past.Every day is a new day. it's silly to think I can't help being the way I am.Of course I can.I can change.

10.I am flexible.

There is more than one way to do something. More than one person has good ideas that will work.There is no one and only "best" way. Everybody has ideas that are worthwhile.Some may make more sense to me than others, but everyone has something worthwhile to contribute.

A proper hug :)

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Pot sa te intreb ceva? La ce facultate ai dori sa mergi, si ce domeniu? Merci. In legatura cu ce ai postat, eu cred ca sunt importante relatiile inter-umane si ca oamenii din jurul nostru oricum ne influenteaza, mai mult sau mai putin. Dar stim ca a spune: "te rog", "iarta-ma" si "te iubesc" e cel mai dificil.

@ Anonim: Psihologie...

Inseamna ca peste cateva zile tu o sa sti totul despre mine... :)) pt ca toate persoanele intalnite, interesate de psihologie au asa o capacitatea de a ma descrie asa cum sunt. Asta inseamna chiar sa ai o conexiune profunda cu psihologia. Eu sunt pasionata de parapsihologie, doar pasionata :)

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